My Skincare Routine

I love skincare products and I have a lot of favorites. I tend to switch up the products I use every now and then but these are my current loves. I have very sensitive, combination skin so I’ve been through my fair share of trial and error with skin care products.


After I remove my makeup with a wipe (the kind of wipe constantly changes), I cleanse. Recently I’ve been using Clean and Clear cleansers. I use the Essentials Foaming Facial Cleanser in the morning and the Night Relaxing Deep Cleansing Face Wash at night. There’s nothing fancy about them and they do just what they claim to. They are great for my sensitive skin and have never caused any irritation. They are great quality cleansers for a steal. I usually pick these up at target for around $5.99. You can pick them up here:


Clean and Clear Cleansers

I also exfoliate about three times a week. I use the Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub. It can be harsh if you use it everyday, but it’s perfect for every couple of days. It contains avocado and seaweed which brightens and softens. It really scrubs away all the dead skin and dirt. My face feels brand new after using it. I get it for $21.95 at Lush.


Lush Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

Once or twice a week I use a mask after I cleanse. I have so many favorite masks (I could do a whole post on them) but I’m currently loving Lush. Specifically the Lush Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask. First of all, it smells like heaven because I am addicted to rose scented anything. It’s cold when you apply it since you have to keep the fresh face masks in the fridge and it feels amazing. It’s super calming because it contains calamine and rose oil. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and balanced. I get this at Lush of coarse, for $12.95.


Lush Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask

If I ever have a breakout that needs to be dried up fast, I grab my Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment. It’s the best overnight treatment I’ve ever used. It has high levels of sulfur and it minimizes the swelling and size of the blemish in minutes. I only use this one to two times a week if I have a blemish since my skin is sensitive. You do not shake this product, you apply it by dipping a q-tip into it and then applying it onto your breakout. If you have ever used the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, the Kate Somerville EradiKate is the same exact thing. The only difference is that the EradiKate is $24.00 and the Drying Lotion is $17.00.


Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment

The last and most important step in my opinion is moisturizer. I’ve recently been using the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration. If you have eczema, sensitive skin or dry flakey skin you need this! I personally have eczema and sometimes get it on my face and this has helped completely. It is the best moisturizer ever! It has Eucalyptus which calms the skin and gives the product a fresh natural scent. It is allergy tested, fragrance free and you can use it on any dry area on your body. I get this at Ulta for $30.00. Check it out here:


First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration

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